Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone catches fire in France

Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone catches fire in France

 Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone catches fire in France

A Samsung phone user in France says her Galaxy J5 smartphone caught hearth and exploded on Sunday. The model is totally different from the Galaxy Note seven that has been recalled worldwide.

Lamya Bouyirdane told The Associated persist weekday that she noticed the phone was highly regarded when she asked her four-year-old son to pass it over throughout a family gathering at her home. She same she threw the phone away once she complete it had “swollen up” and smoke was setting out.

“I frightened after I saw the smoke and that i had the reflex to throw it away,” same Bouyirdane, a mother of 3 within the southwestern French town of Pau. The phone then caught hearth and therefore the back blew off. Her partner quickly destroyed it.
Bouyirdane same she bought the phone new last Gregorian calendar month on a web site giving discounts. She same she’s going to sue Samsung.

The South Korean company recently recalled a lot of its Galaxy Note seven smartphones globally as a result of a retardant that caused the batteries to overheat and combust.

William Stofega, a mobile analyst for IDC, same the incident in France was presumably associate degree isolated one, noting that the phone has been on the marketplace for many months currently and this is often the primary report of battery hearth that he’s alert to.

Samsung has recalled quite two.5 million units of the Galaxy Note seven and its replacement units last month, and has since terminated the program utterly. the corporate is already reeling from a second recall, when safety issues concerning two.8 million top-loading machines made up of 2011 to 2016.

He another that issues involving lithium-ion batteries utilized in not simply smartphones, however conjointly portable computer computers, are around for years and there’s no simple fix for them. producing defects or maybe atiny low quantity of injury will cause a brief circuit, leading to associate degree hot battery and doubtless a hearth.

“We area unit unable to treat this specific incident till we tend to get and completely examine the device. client safety remains our highest priority and that we need to figure with any client UN agency has practised a difficulty with a Samsung product so as to research the matter and support them,” it same within the statement. “The problems with the Galaxy Note7 area unit isolated to solely that model.”

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