Reham Khan reveals new secrets about her marriage with Imran

According to Mufti Saeed, the churchman World Health Organization scan Nikah of Imran Khan and Reham Khan’s wedding, the PTI chief and Reham were married on Oct thirty one, 2014, (Muharram 7), not as earlier claimed in January 2015.

Reham Khan, the previous married person of Chairman PTI Imran Khan, has unfolded concerning the wedding facts that were unknown to most, in her recent interview.

She conjointly reveled that the nikah ceremony prevailed Jan eight was simply a photograph session and he or she couldn’t believe at that point that the news of their wedding would be hid for such a extended period of your time. Reham Khan let or not it’s better-known that the gift she received at the primary day of their wedding was divorce.

Reham Khan reveals new secrets about her marriage with Imran

Imran Khan and Reham Khan declared their wedding in January 2015, a couple of days before the cricketer-turned-politician all over his anti-government civil disobedience protest in national capital. However, a few of days past Reham Khan spoke to news channel and aforementioned that she honestly asked Imran a present for the primary birthday, instead he gave her divorce.

Mufti Saeed, nikah khwan of Imran Khan has conjointly confirmed that the particular date of their wedding was Islamic calendar month seven, however, on the occasion of their nikah, he stressed that nikah was control by that day.

Mufti Saeed caused a stir once he disclosed that Imran Khan and Reham got married on Oct thirty one, 2014 and not in January 2015. it’s necessary to say here that Mufti Saeed had earlier claimed that Imran and Reham were married in January 2015. The couple’s wedding had all over On Oct thirty one, 2015 once Imran declared by a tweet that he had unmarried Reham. Their wedding had lasted for 10 months.

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