Julian Assange interview at the Ecuadorian embassy in London

WikiLeaks editor-in-chief full general Assange has without ambiguity expressed during a must-watch interview with triumph Australian journalist John Pilger that the Russian government isn’t the supply of the leaked emails that are rocking America’s election cycle this year. This directly contradicts statements created by each the manager branch of the U.S. government and by Democratic actress Sir Edmund Percival Hillary Clinton.

“The Clinton camp has been ready to project a neo-McCarthyist hysteria that Russia is to blame for everything,” the moot transparency advocate told Pilger at the Ecuadorian embassy he’s been confined to for the last four years. “Hillary Clinton has expressed multiple times, falsely, that seventeen United States intelligence agencies had assessed that Russia was the supply of our publications. That’s false. we are able to say that the Russian government isn’t the supply.”

When asked concerning accusations that WikiLeaks hasn’t revealed any leaks concerning Russia, Assange acknowledged that his organization has revealed over 800,000 documents that relate to Russia, most of that ar essential.

Last month, the the big apple Times reported that the Obama administration had “formally suspect the Russian government of stealing and revealing emails from the Democratic National Committee and a variety of alternative establishments and outstanding people,” which Sir Edmund Percival Hillary Clinton blame the Russian government for hacking DNC emails during a discussion with Donald Trump.

Julian Assange interview at the Ecuadorian embassy in London

“We have seventeen intelligence agencies, civilian and military World Health Organization have all terminated that these spying attacks, these cyber attacks, come back from the very best levels of the Kremlin,” Clinton song in another discussion, citing a figure Politfact reports may solely be true if you enclosed among those intelligence agencies the DOE, the Department of the Treasury, the Drug social control Administration and therefore the Coast Guard.

Clinton is additionally on record for horrifyingly stating that the us can treat the notional Russian cyber attacks “just like every alternative attack,” threatening “serious political, economic and military responses” for the entirely made-up offenses.

In Associate in Nursing interview with NBC’s Meet the Press, vice chairman Joe Biden was asked by Chuck Todd if the us was getting ready to send a message to Russian president Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin concerning Russia’s make-believe “cyber attack.”

“We’re causation a message,” the vice chairman replied chillingly. “We have the capability to try and do it.” “He’ll understand it,” he added. “And it’ll be at the time of our selecting. And beneath the circumstances that have the best impact.”

Perhaps most scary of all, Sir Edmund Percival Hillary Clinton has been stating with untypical consistency that she intends to line up a no-fly zone in Asian country, wherever Russian military planes ar conducting operations at the request of the Syrian government. This either means statesman can suddenly bow out of the region in submission to America’s demands, or the U.S. military are assaultive the Russian air force.

Everyone with Associate in Nursing ear to the bottom knew that the Iraq invasion had nothing to try and do with weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). we tend to all knew it absolutely was concerning oil. I knew it, my friends and family knew it, everybody World Health Organization wasn’t suckling from the nipple of company media info knew it. “No blood for oil!” was one in all the foremost common cries detected at the unnumberable anti-war protests command round the world in those days. It wasn’t a secret. however the govt. was lying to United States concerning Saddam having WMDs, and therefore the press helped unfold those lies rather than doing their jobs as journalists. that the war had public support.

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